CRAWL 4 CHRIST 2011  ---  Harlan County Wars

As the Sun began to fight it’s way through the early morning layer of clouds that had settled over the mountain tops around the Harlan County Campgrounds it seemed as though it would be another normal day in this now quite Kentucky town.  Year after year the area around Harlan has started the day in much the same way.  Never knowing what might transpire before the sun sets over the western mountain tops. 

As history tells us .... more>

Crossed Up 4x4's Operation Lightsabre

On May 21st Crossed up 4x4 opened the gates to one of the south's premier private ohv park. Not long after the gates were open the 4wheelers, sxs, trail rigs, and buggies started rolling in.

Only being crossed up 4x4's second event put on we were not sure what to expect. But starting the day of with a good crowd of people we had Labronn Osborne come up and help with a word of inspiration and prayer to start the day.

Hale Mountain being a mixture of mild to wild trails there was something for everyone. When the buggies fired up you ....more>


89 Years old and still running…..and not just jogging, but racing for 12.42 miles through 156 turns from 9,390 ft elevation to 14.110 foot of steep mountainous terrain. Yes, I am talking about the Pike’s Peak Race. 

This event started in 1916 and has grown to include 11 classes of vehicles from motorcycles to Semi trucks with almost 200 competitors and over 35,000 spectators.  Now that's a huge event in anyone’s book.

With the drastic changes in altitude, it is a major challenge ... more>

A Crawler of a Different Breed!

This project began as an alternative to having 2 off-road vehicles.  My CJ7 for basic trail riding and my Polaris RZR for hunting and basic recreation.

After taking the stock RZR on a couple of trail rides I started researching to see what type of modifications were available and what could be adapted to rock crawling.  The primary questions that needed to be answered were in regards to ground clearance, suspension travel, stability and tire clearance.  After several months of research I ... more>

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