2011 Easter Jeep Safari

If you have been involved in 4 wheelin' long then I am sure you have heard of EASTER JEEP SAFARI.  Now at about 45 years of age the Easter Jeep Safari still brags of being the largest gathering of 4x4 vehicles in the world.  If you have every attended this event, I am sure that you would in no way dare to argue that fact.  more>


Flex for Food

It’s always good to get together with friends to have some fun, but even better if you do so to benefit those in need. On April 23rd the Christian Off-Road Association got together and held our 3rd annual Flex 4 Food.  Our first one 3 years ago was a learning experience. Last year was an improvement, and this year was just plain awesome. The idea of Flex 4 Food is to have people come out with their rigs, run them up an RTI ramp, as well as a log jam and rock pile. We’ve had people come out .... more>


An Introduction to Central Overland Travels

So often today, travel has become a utilitarian task, often perceived as a necessary evil used only as a means to connect vacationers to their chosen destinations, complete with high cost, long lines, and countless complaints along the way.  But, we at Central Overland believe travelers can counter this reality; we believe that we can all choose to make our travels less of an act and more of an art.  By choosing overland travel and making the journey itself a highlight of the trip, we make a choice to explore what lies between the beginning and the end.   more>


Indigenous Outreach International

The ministry I work for partners with native ministers in Ethiopia. We support these guys that are sharing the gospel and planting churches.  While working hard for God, they struggle just to feed their families due to the unemployment rate and impoverished economy. Much of the church planting work done is in rural Ethiopia.  Often we may be the first foreigners to ever visit that village. While driving teams out to help with a church building, teaching, training, or doing a medical clinic, we cross some interesting and unpredictable terrain.   more>


Just Out for a Sunday Drive

Calvary 4-Wheelers met after church Sunday, June 5 for a quick afternoon trip to Miller Rock, near Lyons, CO. We had done most of this trail a couple years ago when the all-church camp out was held nearby at Glacier View Camp. There was one particular branch of the trail where we had turned around at a particularly hard obstacle that I wanted a second chance at.  It turned out to be just myself in my Cherokee and my brother, Richard in his Pinz. We met in Lyons and headed up the canyon to the little community of Raymond and the trail head.  more>


Mt. Magazine Run

Spring is here, and with the warm weather it’s time to get out of the house and hit the trails. Memorial Day weekend we headed out to the state park at Mt. Magazine to do some trail exploration. Mt. Magazine sits in the Arkansas River Valley, between the Ouachita Mountains and the Ozark Plateau. At 2,753 feet, this state park is the highest mountain in Arkansas and hosts many recreational activities - hiking, camping, geo caching, and 4x4 trails.

So we headed out early on Saturday ...more>

C4x4 Changes are on the Way!

Just a quick note to let our readers know that C4x4 will be undergoing some changes in the layout of our magazine format.  Our web hosting provider has discontinued support of the app used to format our current magazine pages.  We are currently reviewing other hosting services and web publishing formats. Our desire is to be able to make this transition without missing an issue of C4x4.  We will keep you updated on our progress and apologize for any inconvenience this change might cause our readers.

We will continue to strive to bring you a quality family friendly online 4x4 magazine and look forward to a new look and new capabilities for our magazine in the near future.

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