Labor Day at Disney

With high temp still in the forecast our modest sized group started migrating toward the rocks and trails of Disney in eastern Oklahoma for the Labor Day weekend.  Not wanting to tackle the hot steamy nights by camping, we opted for the air conditioned rooms at Green Country Camp.

Most of our group had arrived by mid afternoon on Friday so we headed off into the trails seeking the shelter and shade of the tree coved trails.  We enjoyed some mild trail runs before heading ... more>

MDR California 200 Memorial Located at the Slash-X Ranch

MESA, AZ – AUGUST 16, 2011: The MDR California 200 Memorial has been permanently located at the Slash-X Ranch Café at 28040 Barstow Road (Hwy 247) in Stoddard Valley, 8 miles south of Barstow, CA for all to visit for years to come. The dedication on Saturday August 13, 2011, one day less than a year after the accident that changed so many lives in the offroad community, was built around the true spirit of life. “The whole concept is meaningful: a figure 8 with the Ribbon Memorial sitting at the very top. Eight trees dedicated to those lost surround it, with 22 lights going up the walkway and 22 shrubs planted to represent the injured,” said Lucas Hand, project leader for FAST-Aid.    more> 

You All be COOL Now!!


With the continued heat wave in the mid west we decided it would be a good time to take a look at cooling the shop.  Air Conditioning is great, but expensive to install and to  operated in less than perfect climate control situations that are usually present in private shops.

The debate will probably always go on. Swamp Cooler vs. Conventional Air Conditioner. Each cooling system has it's benefits and it's drawbacks. Swamp Cooler are the economical approach ... more>


The ATS Aurora 5500 represents a major breakthrough and sets the bar for responsive high-output turbochargers. The Aurora 5500 provides big airflow for top-end power, while maintaining the responsiveness needed for a street-driven truck. The exhaust housing design of our Aurora 5000 turbo was combined with a new - specially designed compressor section, yielding impressive results. This turbo is capable of generating 10-second quarter mile drag runs, full (sled) pulls, and massive airflow, while retaining it's good manners around town.  more>

King Shocks Offers an Additional Support Program for Stock and Stock Mod, King Of the Hammers Racers.


King Shocks is the official shock of Ultra4 racing and has been a big part of King of the Hammers since its inception. When the announcement was made that two new classes, Stock and Stock Mod were to be added to the line-up at KOH, we created a comprehensive program to support those competitors in addition to the thousands we post for the main race. King is posting a $1000 dollar cash prize for ...more>

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