Happy 1st Birthday!!!!

My, how you have grown over this past year. We are all amazed at the way our young ones grow during the first year. From one so small to what they have become in such a short time.

Even though it may appear that I might be talking about one of my grand kids, I am not. I am referring to the short term growth of a rapidly growing recreational group in the mid west. This group is known as the Red Dirt Jeepers and they are based out of Oklahoma.

While wanting to avoid ...more>

2012 Big Meat Run

What? How could this be the Big Meat Run and the weather be so good. No rain, no chilly temperatures, No snow….. This just does not seem right.

Needless to say, this year’s weather was outstanding for the 2012 Big Meat Run at Disney, Ok. This event is put on each year by Sumners Machine Shop out of Arkansas City, Ks. John Sumners is one of innovators of many top quality off road parts including ...more>

Bower Motorsports does EJS



Courtosy of Bower Motorsports here are a few pictures from their website.  more>


Product Review

So how many times do you get out and look at the position of your hitch when hooking up to your trailer? Yes, sometimes I get lucky, but often I am out and back in the truck several times while attempting to get the trailer ball in the right location so I can lower the trailer onto the hitch.

My guess is that the good folks from Inventive Products have gotten out and looked a few times themselves. If not I am sure they would have never ...more>

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