Top Truck Challenge - from the Pits

As I am sure by now that you are all aware that Brad and Matt Austin did not walk away with the crown at the Top Truck Champion Challenge this year as they did in the regular TTC event in 2004. It was just not in the cards.

I know we all remember the TV ads that showed the Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat. Well in 2004 we were blessed with the Thrill of Victory but this year we did get the bitter taste of the Agony of Defeat.

The Austin’s showed up in Hollister, Ca. with the same high expectations as ...more>

Crawl 4 Christ 2012 Sponsors

On behalf of the Founders and Facilitators of UCORA, the UCORA membership, and the promoters and attendees of the 2012 Crawl 4 Christ event in Moab, Ut., C4X4 would like to offer up a big thanks for the support and promotion of this years Crawl 4 Christ. It is an honor and a privilege to be associated and supported by the quality companies that supported us this year.

It is truly a privilege to Highlight ... more>

4 Door JK's take on Wheeling World

If you haven't been to Wheeling World lately, check it out, those boys have been busy!  Wheeling World is located about five miles south of Eureka Springs Arkansas off highway 23.  While it's not a big park (less than 150 acres), the terrain is rugged and Dale and his crew have been cutting and building trails like crazy.

Nathan N, Jeff B, and Hemi (Dozer) Grant have been  hitting the trails almost weekly and it got our curiosity up to the point we just had to go.   Crew consisted of Randy, Hemi, Nathan, Jeff, Scott Thomley, and myself (Larry).  This was my first run since EJS when I destroyed my rear axle.  Thankfully ...more>

Kennedy Family Ethiopia Update

After almost two years of prayer, preparation, and anticipation we are finally in Ethiopia!  This is our first update from Ethiopia and we hope you will forgive it being two months since our arrival.  It will be a little long because we want to share with you all the many ways God has been working and sustaining us since our move.

The Lord was very faithful and kind to us during our travel.  We had some very short connections in between flights but we arrived safe and with all our bags.  Praise God.

Upon our arrival Negash, Fikadu, and Fikere were there to meet us at the airport. When we got to the IOI guesthouse Fikadu had posted signs around saying "Dear Stephen, Shelley, and girls, welcome home."  It was a sweet way to arrive to our new home. more>



Once several of our Attendees arrived back home and begin to reflect on their experience at this years Crawl 4 Christ in Moab, they took some time to share their thoughts.  We sincerely appreciate them taking the time to drop us a note.  We do hope that everyone had one of the best experiences that they have ever had at an off road event.

We encourage everyone to not only share their good thoughts and experiences with us, but also with there friends and families and encourage them to make plans to attend next years 2013 Crawl 4 Christ where ever it is held.

Here are a couple of those thoughts.  More>


"I am tired of what is happening to recreational access, so I'm upping the game on what to do about it. I am getting on my dualsport motorcycle and taking a ride around the country to rally recreation's grassroots. It's a long ride "around" the good ol' USA and a big personal investment, but this is not about me—it's more about you and what you have to say. It's about the future of recreation on public lands and waters. Join with me and, with your help, together we will ..." more>

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