Crawl 4 Christ 2012

Crawl 4 Christ, a national 4 x 4 Off Road Jamboree, was started in 2008 by the United Christian Off-Road Alliance. A group of families wanting to give people of faith the opportunity to come together from across the country to share their passion for Christ and their love of off-roading in a fun, family friendly environment. It was also an opportunity for all off road enthusiasts to come enjoy a group event without some of the antics and non-family, unofficial activities that happen at camp and late night camp fires. While formed from a Christian group, Crawl 4 Christ is NOT a religious event and anyone is welcome to attend.   more>


As one would expect from a 4X4 magazine we have always brought you coverage of Off Road related goodies from SEMA. But I know that we are all GEAR HEADS at heart and do have an interest from some of the other type vehicles. So this month we are taking a different look from Vegas.

Now I just have to start with my roots. In 1969 I hit the milestone that everyone young guys dreams of. I turned 16 and got my drivers license. Now being the youngest child, I promptly received a hand me down. It was a ...more>


Disney on my Mind

Well after spending New Years at Disney with the Austin clan for the New Beginnings run I figured my next trip would be one of our club runs in February, but when Casey, one of our club members from Missouri posted that he and some friends were going to Disney on January 21st for a day of wheeling I just couldn’t resist another chance to explore the trails there again.

Dwight, another club member from NW Arkansas decided to join in as well, so he and I met about 9am and made the hour drive over together. Dwight has the...more>

ClampTite Tool Test and Review

I am always on the look out for tools that might come in handy out on the trail. The ones that usually get my attention are ones that I can relate to an issue that I have encountered at sometime in my wheeling past. Yes, I have blown radiator and heater hoses, hydraulic hoses, air hoses just to mention a few.

So when I ran across the folks from ClampTite demonstrating their tools at the SEMA show, I did a 180 back to their booth and stood back and observed for a while. They were taking regular old wire, ie. Stainless steel, electric fence wire, cloths hangers just to mention a few and replacing ...more>


Shaffer-Motorsports Will Race Complete SCORE Series in 2012

OAKLAND, CA JANUARY 11, 2012 Shaffer-Motorsports team car #401 will be competing in the entire SCORE International Racing Series in 2012. With the addition of title sponsor Transfer Case Express, the Shaffer-Motorsports black, red and white car will be focused on the SCORE Class 4 Championship. “When we were deciding on our season we agreed that we loved racing in Baja, so opted to focus all our efforts on the SCORE series in hopes of coming out with a championship,” said Mike Shaffer, driver of record and owner of Shaffer’s Offroad. “This will be our second season with this car and I feel ...more>

Radflo Prepares Top Racers for 2012 KOH

FOUNTAIN VALLEY JANUARY 18, 2012 - Radflo Suspension will be soaking up the toughest terrain in America when put to the ultimate challenge at the 2012 Griffin King of the Hammers. There will be multiple Ultra4 cars in the event that will be racing on Radflo Suspension including Cottin Rodd, Nick Nelson, JT Taylor and Derek West among many others. “We will be on the lakebed supporting all the teams using Radflo Products and will be assisting with race car set up the week before the race,” explained Glenn Classen, President of Radflo Suspension Technology.  more>

2011 Hope Home Christmas Report and Hope Chest Distribution

“Not because I desire a gift: but I desire fruit that may abound to your account.”- Philippians 4:17

One of my biggest joys in life is getting to share Christmas with the orphans in India. Usually I take businessmen and other interested Christians with me so they too can catch the vision of raising orphans to be educated champions for Christ. As His champions, these children grow up to spread the Good News of the Kingdom all over Asia. This year I went alone; I didn’t want to miss Christmas with the orphans.

People ask me, "How do you leave your family over Christmas?" more>

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