Crawl 4 Christ - on the Slickrock

As we have mentioned in previous issues, the 2012 Crawl 4 Christ event was planed and executed in Moab, UT for 2012. With Brian & Kristi Letendre taking the reins and organizing the event for this year the UCORA event continues to move forward.

Maintaining the status as a traveling event the Crawl 4 Christ has now traveled and checked off another geographical location of the United States. Being as far east as Harlan, Ky. and now as far west as Moab, UT we have ...more>

Crawl 4 Christ - From the Coordinator

We spent today packing the truck for the long trip up to Moab from Prescott Valley, AZ. Camping stuff, raffle prizes, banners, food, drinks, the Toyota 4Runner, tires for a friend, my tools, spare parts, and all the necessities to handle a week camping in Moab had to be loaded into the vehicles and strapped appropriately. Late to bed for sure, but we are ready to go.

At 4:00 am we hit the road. Loaded with all the stuff from last night, myself, Kristi, Scott, Kevin, Jessica, and ...more> 

HAM to the Rescue

...Traveling down the dusty road by myself I decided to turn on the HAM on a whim, not expecting to reach anyone. Much to my surprised Brian responded immediately "Is that you, Bill?" We had a clear, strong signal and Brian was able to relay to me how he had rolled the 4-Runner but everyone was OK, if a little rattled. We were able to chat for a few minutes and he told me they were limping the 4-Runner off the trail. As we signed off, I told him I would keep monitoring the frequency.

I figured once I went over the ridge and down toward the highway I would lose reception but just before I got onto the pavement Brian came back on. The reception was a little weak and scratchy but ...more>


For the past several years we have tried to keep our readers up to date with each year’s Top Truck Challenge that is hosted by Four Wheeler Magazine. This year was especially interesting because it was the CHAMPIONSHIP CHALLENGE.

Each year since 1993 Four Wheeler have selected contestants from applications sent into their magazine. Then posted the information of the contestants they selected and allowed their readers to vote ...more>

Crossed Up 4x4 Club Cruise In

With the summer weather rolling in it brings in the cruise in season. In Rome Georgia there are all kind of cruise in, so why not a 4x4 cruise in. So about 10 years ago it was started. When crossed up 4x4 was started we thought no better way to get the club name out there and spreading the lords name. So every month we step forward and help promote and put on the cruise in. More>


Reader Special Value

OK!!!!! IT IS A GO.....this is a first for us and them. It is just for your benifit ONLY... BUT CALL AND GET YOURS ORDERED NOW. YOU WILL GIVE AN ORDER CODE OF "C4X4" TO NICOLE S. ON THE PHONE.


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