Christian Crawlers 4x4 Club does Easter Jeep Safari

Well, we did it.   Jeff and Carolyn, Nathan and Sara , Hemi, Mike and Sheila, and Philip and Darla Walton all made the Trip to Moab.  You need to go, it's an awesome place for 4x4's to play.

For starters, towing takes about 22 hours, not 18.  The pull through the mountains on the other side of Denver was the toughest, over Loveland Pass, and down the other side of the hill.   Need to take 2 days to avoid serious Jeep lag.  Again, it was awesome and worth the drive.   More>

Crawl 4 Christ Heading for the Slick Rock

In a few weeks (June 6-9) our folks will be converging on the slick rock area of Moab, Utah.  With folks registered from as far away as Florida, it is for certain that we will again make many new friends on this 5th Crawl 4 Christ event.  We look forward to another great Raffle with many returning sponsors and a lot of new ones. We will be calling Ron’s Pack Creek Campgrounds  home for this years event.   More>

Lost Pines Log Pull

In response to the Labor Day wildfires in Bastrop County, non-profit organization,
Logs to Lumber was founded to assist affected citizens in the rebuilding effort by harvesting & utilizing the viable timber resources of the Lost Pines.

The mission of Logs to Lumber is to “find a way to convert dead or dying trees scorched by the Bastrop County Complex Fire into something that can be used to repair the damage done by that fire”. More>

Industry News

Chicago Pneumatic Releases the CP7748 High-Performance Air Impact Wrench Family


Chicago Pneumatic, a quality leader in high-performance air tools since 1901, would like to introduce the new CP7748 family of impact wrenches.  The CP7748 and CP7748-2 are the most economical and powerful ½” impact wrench in their class.  Offering a powerful 922 ft-lbs. of removal torque, a durable twin hammer clutch, comfortable molded grip while being ...more>


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