Rock the Ozarks

The Christian Crawlers 4 x 4 Club’s “Rock the Ozarks” inaugural event is in the books and by all accounts made a great impression on the attendees.

The Christian Crawlers 4 x 4 club has been around for about 7 years.  We are an off-road club based in Bentonville Arkansas, with affiliate chapters in Centerton AR, Springfield MO, and Memphis TN.   We have approx. 100 members and 200 affiliate members at last count and continue to ...more>

Day of Dirt

I gathered a group of local Jeepers  (Red Dirt Jeepers)  for what had been named the D.O.D. (Day of Dirt) Adventure. It was supposed to be a trip around the county via as many dirt roads as possible visiting old towns, bridges, cemeteries and such.

We met up mid morning for a quick meet and greet and for a breakfast consisting of breakfast burritos and doughnuts.

It had rained the day before and showered on us a few times while we were staging, so with the greetings out of the way ...more>

Christian Crawlers 4x4 Club Back Country Adventure

Most of the trail runs our club does are one day events at an established off-road park, with trails rated from easy to extreme on a scale of 1 to 5.  Two years ago I was introduced to a different type of off-road experience, one in which the challenge was not to conquer the biggest obstacle your rig would allow but rather to plot a course through the back country spanning several days, to travel off pavement as much as possible, and to be prepared to camp wherever you might find at the end of the day.   Granted this does not ...more>

Product Review

One of the things that becomes important as more and more accessories are added to a Jeep is a quality built extremely robust battery, sometimes even a couple of them.  

If you’ve ever killed your battery winching up a steep grade you know how important it is too have a lot of reserve juice to keep things operational.   Other high amp draw add ons like Compressors, multiple off road lights, inverters, welders, or for Overlanders, refrigerators, coffee makers, electric blankets, blenders, all these can l impact ...more> 


Industry News

Daystar's Patented Cam Can system has a new addition.  The Trail Box is the most convenient and safe way to transport gear and tow ropes. 

The Cam Can system mounts in the center of the spare tire or with a universal bracket.

The Trail Box can be used in conjunction with the other popular Cam Can systems.


Industry News

– Ford Mustang, Scion FR-S, Ford F-Series and Jeep Wrangler Named 2012 SEMA Award Winners –

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (Oct. 30, 2012) - This year’s SEMA Award for the top trending vehicle models in four categories were announced today at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. The Ford Mustang was named Hottest Car, the Scion FR-S took the Hottest Sport Compact honors, the Ford F-Series won Hottest Truck and the Jeep Wrangler ...more>

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