Red Dirt Jeepers River Run

Even with the triple digit temperatures and the severe drought conditions in Oklahoma, the Red Dirt Jeepers decide to hold a weekend river run and camp out on the South Canadian River in western Oklahoma.  Or at least on whatever is left of the South Canadian River.

As we exited off of I-40 at exit 108 we were reminded of the severe drought conditions and fire dangers as we found the road blocked by barricades and county Deputies detouring traffic due to ...more>


Overlanding in the Ozarks

Last year I was introduced to overland travel and while I’m not giving up my rock crawling roots I have found another way to get off-road and enjoy the beautiful outdoors God has provided for our responsible use. 

The idea is to see and learn about our world from eye-level, and for Central Overland Travels it takes the form of Vehicle-Dependent Overland Travel.  Central Overland believes that our vehicles hold the key to experiencing our world in ways seen by few.  They also believe in sharing these experiences ...more>

GoPro Hero 2 Camera Review

I think that I will Go-Pro!!!!  That’s right, I think that is the only way to go.  In June we headed to Moab, Utah for the 2012 Crawl 4 Christ event and along with us we took the tiny little Go Pro cameras. We were asked by GoPro to test out the product and boy was I so excited!

I love taking pictures but sometimes trying to get all the settings right on my camera really takes all the fun out of it.  With the Go Pro camera you just point and shoot or put it on video and let it go.

As we traveled through the mountains ..more>


Rock the Ozarks

Rock the Ozark’s is a new event for 2012 hosted by the Christian Crawler’s 4 x 4 Assoc.  While we have, as a club, co-hosted and attended many other events, we believe that we need a "signature” event that we can really put our stamp on, one that reflects our passion for spreading the gospel and enjoying God’s great outdoors through wheeling.   Plan’s are for this to be an annual event at SMOOR.  

We love to wheel at Southern Missouri Off Road Ranch (SMOOR) and decided that based on the excellence of their trails and facilities that we would partner with them to provide a top quality family oriented wheeling experience.  

In addition we thought we would open this event to others looking for a family friendly, Christ centered, off-road jamboree, in the central region of the United States.  With trails for ...more>

Industry News

GEORGETOWN, CA    AUGUST 2, 2012  –  The 60th Jeepers Jamboree celebration July 26-30, 2012 on the Rubicon Springs had many high points throughout all five days on the historic trail.  The Movies on the Grass, Historical talks, Diamond in the Rough wine tasting supporting the Rubicon Trail Foundation, Raffle, Vendor Show and a Flatfender Show’N’Shine were just the organized events. The camaraderie, food and helpful nature of the Jeepers Jamboree staff and participants tipped the experience to ...more>

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