Big Meats 2013

High unemployment numbers, high fuel cost, unstable economy, all could point to a smaller turn outs for recreational activities. Well it sure wasn’t the case with the turn out at the 2013 Big Meat Run in Disney, Ok. on the March 16th/ 17th weekend. As Thursday rolled around it was evident that this year was going to be a stellar turn out for the long time running Big Meat Run in N. E. Oklahoma.

As the Austin Clan pulled into Green Country Christian Camp it was evident ... more>



Red Dirt Jeeps turns 2 Years Old

It seems like just the other day when I heard of a small little Jeep group forming in and around Yukon and the greater Oklahoma City area. The Red Dirt Jeep group had been kicked off and immediately jumped into high gear. With no time to plan too much for the future and prepare for what was going to take place.

The Administration of the group had to hit the ground running. The number of group members was growing almost faster than they could get them listed on the Facebook page. After a year ... more>


All Girls Jeep Trip!!

April 6th finally came and 16 Jeeps were all gathered together at 4Wheel Parts!
It was a Girl's Only Jeep Road Trip no guys allowed. The men were at home taking care of the kiddos, washing the dishes, cleaning house and waiting for a phone call.

Karena Nichols took the lead and we hit the road headed to the Pink Pistol in Tishomingo, Ok., which was Miranda Lambert’s gift shop. Along the way Sherry Madison came on the CB and said her engine light had come on. So, as we got closer to the next town we pulled into a Sonic and started looking for an O'Reillys so we could put a code reader on it. We had her loosen the gas cap, tighten it back and it did help. So back on the road we go and ... more>



MOAB EXPEDITION; Return to the Red Rock

As those of you who follow the Christian Crawlers 4 x 4 site are aware, this was our second year to travel to MOAB UT for the Easter Jeep Safari. The event lasts about 8.5 days, during the week leading up to Easter each year. You’ll typically find around 2000 jeeps and various off road rigs, all street legal, and about every vendor in the universe there.

It’s a great time to get together with Jeepers all over the country, check out their rigs, talk to the manufacturers about new products, and interact with some of the best known ... more>




Ever watch those You Tube video’s of jeeps rolling and flopping, creating what is referred to in the sport as a “YARD SALE”. You know, coolers, drinks, tools, food, pets, scattered down a hillside.

When you look at those rigs, and when you look in the back of many of our rigs, most of the gear is secured with elastic straps, commonly referred to as bungee cords. What a lot of folks figure out, especially with any heavy gear, is that bungee cords don’t really “secure” anything. They are really better at ... more>


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