Fall Forest Trip

This trip developed like many others, through the Christian Crawlers website. Randy Putt had posted up the dates of October 24th through October 27th, and the slots quickly started filling up. With the roll call set, we were ready for a fall tour through the Ozark National Forest.

Randy Putt, James and Caleb Crow, and Casey and Annie Flint would meet up on midday Thursday in Alpena, Arkansas. From there, they head off the beaten path until ending up at ...more>

Stomper X2

Just a few short months ago Stomper drug himself out from under the collapsed house of the Hutton family, just north of 19th St in the tornado ravished town of Moore, Ok.  Having no idea what his future held, Stomper fearlessly confronted the task that lay before him.  Bruised, bent and broken by the EF5 tornado, our hero trudged forward assisting those that were in need.  Hour after hour our wounded warrior moved forward helping those in need.

For days after the dust had settled ...more>

Day of Dirt 2

If you read the May 2013 issue of C4x4 Magazine you will recall that the Day of Dirt (D.o.D.) Adventure 2013 had about 40 rigs attend and I received great reviews. Unfortunately my usual co-driver, my oldest daughter, was not able to attend. I decided to re-run the D.o.D. from earlier this year so my  young navigator could attend, even if only a handful of Red Dirt Jeepers want to join that would be fine as it was more about the kiddo going.

 I scheduled the re-run for ...more>

All Part of the Job !!!

Yes, part of myself imposed job here at C4X4 is to attend the SEMA show in VEGAS as often as I can.  While there I have assigned myself with the tasks of seeking out some of the newest products that are hitting the market.  Sometimes they’ll be things that have been out on the shelves for awhile and we will be looking at how they are holding up to their claims, how they have been modified, sometimes they are brand new ideas that we will ...more>

Peek at SEMA

 This month we will be give you a peek into SEMA and look at some of the great pictures.  Then in the following months we will be taking an in depth look at some of the great products and companies that we were in contact with.

For now enjoy some of the pictures. More>

Industry News

AMANDA Products Celebrates Global Media Award and Successful SEMA Brand Launch

LIVONIA, MICHIGAN   DECEMBER 2, 2013: Amanda Products [USA] is celebrating its overwhelmingly successful brand launch at the 2013 SEMA Show. In addition to favorable attendee and media attention, Amanda Products was delighted to receive a Global Media Award for its innovative Speed Hook. An exclusive...more>

Artec Industries New Facility to Fit More Machinery

BENSON, AZ   NOVEMBER 18, 2013:  Artec Industries is proud to announce the Grand Opening of their new facility in Benson, Arizona, with easy access from I-10.  This new building has more than doubled their previous property, increasing...more>


Kennedy Family Update


Brothers and Sisters in Christ 

I pray this finds you all well. Please find the attached PDF update from our family. 

By the grace of Christ,

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