Stomper the Rescue Rubicon

With Bryan Hutton’s wife Brenda currently serving in the military and currently being deployed to Afghanistan.  Bryan and Randy, his 2 ½ year old son, were just going to head off for a nice road trip in their 2012 JK Jeep Rubicon.  So they headed out from their home town of Dayton, OH and set their sights on Bryan’s original home town of Moore, OK.  They were just out to get a little quality time in with family and friends back home. (Now I know all you Jeep guys are going to say, that ain’t a Rubicon.  Well it is, Bryan had just removed the decals)

Now Bryan loves to take his Rubi off road and try different trails and obstacles but he was in for some challenges ...more>

The Day of Dirt Adventure

It's 0800hrs and I am leaving the house on my way to the rendezvous point to start the Day of Dirt (D.o.D.) Adventure 2013, I am wondering just how many people will show up since the Oklahoma City metro area had a torrential downpour and hail storm last night. If anyone does show up we may spend all day just pulling people out of the ditches and as much fun as that sounds, it's not the point of the trip though it would be an adventure.

If you read about last years ...more>

So Little of So Much

It’s a whole lot like dipping a cup of water out of the ocean but at least maybe it will help someone.

Last week we scheduled a cook out and registration for the Crawl 4 Christ event.  On Tuesday morning we discussed calling it off because of the shock of the devastation of the Moore, Oklahoma tornado.

After a bit of discussion we decided that despite the knowledge that the turn out would be low with so many members being involved in helping in Moore or just still adjusting to the shock, we would continue with our plans but add the service of being a drop off point for donations.  More>

Testing and Reviewing the ENGO PW10000 Winch

With the ENGO USA being voted as the Best Value by Four Wheeler Magazine in their recent winch contest, I thought it would be a good deal for C4X4 to take a look at it. And also as we like to check into new things within the industry this PW10000 caught our attention.

Now what that stands for is an ENGO 10000lbs winch with a built in Pressure Washer in the winch. Now tell me that ain’t something new.

The new ENGO PW Series winch ...more>

Industry News

SOUTH JORDAN, UT    MAY 9, 2013:  In 1994, at the age of 22, Clay Egan was in a motorcycle accident that paralyzed him from his chest down, but since he has made more strides in life than most people do in their existence.  His positive attitude radiates through rooms of 50 to auditoriums of thousands.  His story of hope and overcoming obstacles through goal setting and pushing the limits while becoming a professional athlete in the offroad and rock crawling arena will ...more>



 GILBERT, AZ    MAY 8, 2013:  Thunder on the Beach Shootout Desert Race in Rocky Point Mexico was an excellent 140-mile course for spectators and racers alike.  “We really appreciate everyone that came over the border to enjoy one of my favorite areas in Mexico,” said Tim Jones, President of the Arizona Desert Racing Association.  “We had some excellent racing on a fun track, so we are calling it another successful weekend for ADRA.  I’m not saying there were a ton of racers, we would really like to see the car counts increase, but we also understand that it takes time to show everyone that we are here to provide an affordable loop style of desert racing in Arizona and of course Rocky Point.

The Arizona Desert Racing Association weekend started out on Friday with a 20 mile poker run where racers got to pre-run the course in a fun atmosphere and locals got to participate in the action as well.  With 48 vehicles ...more>


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