New Year's at Big Red

Call it the Red Dirt Jeep New Year’s Bash or Brian Davis’ Birthday Run, or the New Beginning Run.  Just call it whatever you want.  But the deal is the RDJ crew turned out in a huge way. 

With weather reports calling for the low 40’s and a cold front moving in late in the afternoon one might expect a meager turn out.  Not the case for the turn out and the weather actually turn out pretty nice and probably got near 50.

The Yukon area group ... more>


Can You Hear Me Now?

Most offroaders have a CB (citizen band) radio installed in their rig. A CB in typically adequate for short trail communications, but it is generally limited. The radio is legally limited to 4 watts, the antennas used are generally short (though optimum is 102" most used are around 4’), and the antennas are typically mounted to the rear of the vehicle all leading to a compromise in performance resulting in a range of only a couple of miles, or so.  During the last Day of Dirt Adventure our convoy was so stretched out with 74 vehicles that...more>

One Story of God's Grace

...Before we met Gudeta his wife had left for a wealthy Middle Eastern country to work as a house maid.  Hundreds of thousands of young women had been told that they could earn more in 2 years than they could hope to earn in 10 years here in Ethiopia. They had left by the planeloads, all their paperwork handled by “agencies” which are not much above a modern day slave trade. When they arrive in the ...more>

BlueRibbon Coalition Celebrates its 26th Anniversary

As the BlueRibbon Coalition (BRC) celebrates its 26th anniversary this year, I want to share my thoughts with you about the organization that I proudly work for and why it deserves your continued support.
I also want to let you know you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who enjoys the fun of public lands more than I do, and that is what drives me to keep working for you. BRC gives me the opportunities to defend...more>


Ozark Overland Rally

March 28th-30th

  • * 3 days
  • * 3-5 checkpoints per day
  • * About 240 miles
  • * Everything from mild to wild
  • * Teams of 2-4 vehicles
  • * Limited to 60 People total
  • * Ozark National Forest, Arkansas


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