Crawl 4 Christ 2014 Returns to Disney!

 For all those who attended Crawl 4 Christ last year and wished it would never end well IT'S BAAAACK! That's right, Crawl 4 Christ will return to Disney OK again this year so if you were one of the unfortunate ones that missed last years event, here's your chance to renew your cosmic good fortune and join us July 3rd - 6th for one great off-road experience for the whole family. Now you can't say no one told you, because, well we're tellin' ya now, mark your calendar, fix your rig, gather your family, and don't ...more>

Trail Communication

Having radio communications while on the trail can be useful and enjoyable. However, it is not as easy as throwing the radio in your vehicle and talking to your buddies.  You need to decide which radio is best for you. There are many choices and sizes out there, but for inter-vehicular trail communications the compact CBs such as the Cobra 19 or Uniden PRO505/510/520 work fine and are easier to mount as well. They all put out the same power (4 watts) so the amount of "bells and whistles" you want to pay extra for is up to you.

People may tell you to have your radio peaked and tuned for more power... anything over 4 watts AM is illegal and not necessary for...more>

Ozark Overland Rally

 I was introduced to backcountry overland travel three years ago and have enjoyed taking six or seven 3-5 day trips each year. This style of offroading is becoming more popular nationwide with new websites and outfitters popping up every year. One of my favorite parts of these trips is sitting around a camp fire with good friends at the end of each day.  It is one of the most relaxing times where all the worldly worries of daily life fade away and are replaced with dreams of trips yet to come.  One of the favorite topics ...more>

Industry News

DODGE CITY, KS     MARCH 13, 2014   When father and son cross the finish line together, it is a special moment, especially when it is at the toughest off-road race in the United States: 2014 Griffin King of the Hammers.  “Race day was the highlight of our week, there is something about the helicopters chasing you that is pretty cool,” said 21-year-old Levi Shirley in reflection of the week.  “Crossing the finish line with my Dad (Brian Shirley) made all the late nights at the shop ...more>

Product Reviews

When the spare was stolen off of my Jeep hauling trailer last summer, to the tune of $180 bucks, it got me thinking pretty seriously about finding something better than a bungee cord to secure it. I had heard about Lockstraps before, but never really seriously considered needing something of that nature. Living in NW Arkansas, we pretty much take our lack of crime for granted.  I’ve been hauling bicycles, motorcycles, generators, fuel cans, and all kinds of tools around in the back of pick-ups, boats, and trailers most of my life with no issues.  More>

I don’t like backing up.  It’s hard to see everything out of your mirrors in the daytime, let alone at night.  Too many times I’ve been proceeding backwards only to be greeted by a crunching sound, either my own vehicle or someone elses.

Sadly, most vehicles back-up lights are marginal at best, more suited for a brightly lit parking lot than a dark trail and rough terrain. More>

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