By Jon Maib
Are you looking for an easy way to wire your light bar, lockers, air compressor or other accessory on your Jeep that doesn't break the bank? Then you need to check out the incredibly easy S-TECH switch system. Starting at only $199 with FREE shipping, the S-TECH switch system allows you to have either 4 or 6 accessories hooked into a pre-wired switch, right at your fingertips. Just ordering a S-TECH Switch System will impress you. A click of the order button and you instantly receive an email of your confirmation and then you are notified throughout the shipping process of where your system is. We even got notified by S-TECH when the package was delivered to our door! Upon opening the box, you will see that they take extreme measures to ensure that your S-TECH system arrives as if you ordered a million dollar system. We've been told that they will be updating their website shortly to include the ability to customize all your switches for the needs of your Jeep.

This switch system is not difficult to install either, if you have a manual Jeep, it will be a little more work though. It worked out that my buddy Matt Kess had just ordered a 6 switch S-TECH System around the same time I ordered the 4 switch system. I called him up and asked if he could come over so we could do the install together on both the auto and a manual Jeep JKU. For Matt and I, we had to determine the best location to install our switch systems as we both had other accessories installed where S-TECH recommends the switch is installed. The great thing about this system, it can be mounted anywhere on the upper interior trim of the Jeep. (Be sure to check out their universal system as well)

Pulling the center interior trim, as well as the trim on the driver side A pillar and dash, you will need to use the included template to mark the location of where your switch system will reside on the upper trim piece. For Matt, he doesn't use a driver's side visor anymore and decide to add the switch system above his head. Using the template as a guide, we then used a Dremel tool to cut out the location for the switch system. Removing the cut section, you can then drill the holes for the threaded mounting no-head bolt; mount the switches and then tighten them in place with the provided nuts.

You will need to mount the control box underneath the hood of the Jeep. The S-TECH system has an included bracket that allows you to mount the control box on the driver's side fender next to the brake port. On Matt's 2014 automatic JKU, this was an easy installation as you simply remove a 10mm bolt while loosening another on the fender. On my 2010 JKU with a manual transmission, it was a little different and required a bit more work. I was not difficult, just different than the instructions state. As you can see by the pictures below on the 2 control boxes, on the 2010 Jeep, we had to run the Jeep's wiring harness over the control box bracket. With the control box installed, you will need to run the wiring over to the Jeep's battery and fuse box as well as inside the cab of the Jeep. On Matt's automatic Jeep, we ran his cable through the rubber grommet next to the Jeep's brake booster. However, on my manual Jeep, that grommet location is used by the clutch requiring you to route the cable through a hole to the right of the cowl. You will need to drill this hole out in order to fit the cable plug through, this can take some work, but it can be done.

Once you have the cable has been pulled through the firewall of the Jeep, you will need to run the cable up the A pillar and over to the switch to plug it in. Re-install all of the plastic covers and then you simply need to hook up all of your power leads and accessories to the color coated control box leads. Completing the install can take about an hour, after which, you are ready to command all the accessories installed on your Jeep.

If you are not comfortable wiring your own accessories and want a simple solution, the S-TECH Switch System has it all figured out for you in this fully pre-wired product. Not only that, this nicely packaged system, which is made in the USA, comes with a full colored, well written instruction pamphlet and is easy to install. We highly recommend you pickup a S-TECH switch system for your Jeep!

And as a gift to you, we are offering you $50 off a S-Tech Switch System when you check out with the code: STECHC4X4