By Matthew Anderson
Let's face it, sometimes it doesn't hurt to have another level of security in the Jeep, especially when the top is off your Wrangler. Diabolical Inc has the one and only modular enclosure security system. This all-inclusive secure cover system is made for Jeep Wranglers from 2007 to 2019. It is made of thin gauge steel and is fully powder coated. If you are looking for a secure storage system that is made in the USA, look no further!

Before we installed the Slipstream XLS, we were running the Tuffy Security Tailgate Enclosure. This system is a two-piece system that once installed provides security, but it is cumbersome to remove and almost impossible to remove if the top is on. Then we installed the Slipstream XLS that is able to remain installed whether it's on a soft top or hard top. Providing fender well to fender well enclosure as well as pass-through quick access door or the center section which can be removed, raised, or flipped up depending on the module and accessories you decide are right for your rig.

The pass-through door has to be one of our most used features. Great for placing snowboards, fishing poles or anything else that may be damaged and still keeps the other seat available for additional cargo or passengers.

Don't worry though, if your adventure needs happen to change, the Slipstream can be modified to a low profile look. If you need some additional height for a fridge or just need that extra room, you can add a higher top. This option includes additional locks as well as being reinforced to hold over 400 pounds on top.

Slipstream XLS Benefits:
- Covers entire cargo area for either your 2 Door or 4 Door Wranglers.
- Rear cargo security enclosure
- Made from steel and is fully powder coated
- Tie Downs on either side of the enclosure lid or top
- Once installed, it takes very minimal effort to breakdown (just a few minutes)
- Provides complete privacy
- Easy access door behind back seats
- Cover folds up completely and stays out of the way
- Cover is removable to leave at home when carrying oversized cargo
- Optimize the space and openness to avoid unused space. Fits right up to the back seats.

Rear seat recline kit (this is not a factory option from JEEP) must come out because the Slipstream uses the entire space starting behind the backseat for the optimum amount of room.

The Slipstream model has been created for four separate models and more are in development.
- Slipstream XL – 2 Door Jeep JK
- Slipstream XLS – 4 Door Jeep JK
- Slipstream JL – 2 Door
- Slipstream JLU – 4 Door

Comparison video – Diabolical Inc VS Tuffy Security