By Matthew Anderson
Have you ever taken your Jeep doors off, but can't figure how to store them without damage, or just too scared you might drop them?

Before we had a set of Arc Off Road Jeep Door Hangers, we would either prop them up on the wall with a towel down below, lay them flat on the kitchen floor, or when we had no where else to put them, we would place them in the back yard next to the fence. These were not the best of ideas and was just way too much work, so we often wouldn't remove the doors.

Once these 1/8" solid powder coated steel hangers are installed, you are going to want to take your doors off a lot more more, even if it's only for a few days. These can also be a Jeep storage solution if you don't use your doors at all, but that's not the case for us as we get lucky to have week long stretches at a time with the doors off.

Our favorite and most surprising part of these hangers is the do not interfere with our WeatherTech window deflectors. WeatherTech uses the window channel as well, but the hanger has not caused any damage to our deflectors.

There are many competitors and knock-offs of this particular product, however, make sure that the brand/product you are purchasing says Arc Off Road if you decide to buy these off of Amazon. We want to make sure that you receive the same product, support, and craftsmanship that we reviewed for this article.

- Designed to sit in the window channel, works with rain guards & will not damage your window seals
- There is no metal to metal contact
- Hanger will work for the following Jeep models: JL, JK, TJ, YJ, CJ
- Built to hold 60lb. doors. These are intended to hang a full hard door, but will not work with half or soft doors.
- Hangers mount to existing wall studs using heavy duty USA SPAX Power Lag Screws with every set.
- Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase.
- 100% of Arc Off Road's product are made in the USA.

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