By David Austin
Yes, there were hearts breaking all across the country when the decision had to be made to cancel the 2020 Crawl 4 Christ. Due to the nasty Corona Virus and the regulations that had to be put into place such as no large gatherings which meant, our raffle, group meals, praise and worship services it was just better to take caution in general. So the 2020 Crawl 4 Christ was cancelled.

We felt that it would be improper to hold this event and possibly cause hardship on our host, Green County Church Camp, Craig-Mayes Baptist Association, or possibly put our attendees into harms way.

Discussions bounced around social media that several former attendees decided to still go to Disney, Ok. and wheel anyway; while keeping social distancing and avoiding large groups of course. My wife Judy and I have never missed a Crawl 4 Christ event and even though there wasnt going to be a Crawl 4 Christ Event, we felt we still needed to be there, but to go incognito so few would even notice us. We left my wife's Dragonfly Buggy, the C4X4 Buggy and the Brad Fab Buggy all sitting in the barn. We quietly loaded my son's Land Rover and our Jeep LJ onto my Gooseneck trailer and slipped queitly out of town. We figured we would not be as noticeable by taking all the small rigs this year.

As we snuck our way into Disney, we found several small groups of C4C people from Kansas City area, Texas, Kansas, Missouri and of course our Oklahoma friends. Best I could figure, as we never gathered as a large group, there were about 30 rigs in attendance for the "NOT Crawl 4 Christ" event. It was a great time because we got to be involved in the wheeling instead of having to deal with all of the event issues or seeing to event functions. We were able to spend much more time with the folks that had snuck into Disney as well. I do not think I ever saw more than 5 rigs in a group at one time, so we avoided large gathering.

Our biggest violation of "protocol" was the evening eating out at Cosby's Catfish restaurant where we "accidently" had 16 people at one long table one of the nights we were there, but that place is worth the gamble.

There is no doubt that we got to wheel more at the non C4c4 even than any other past event because of not having to run it. We got 2 hard days of wheeling and as we were not hitting the real hard stuff with the buggies, we had no carnage at all except an alternator on the Land Rover, but we lost no wheeling time.

We ran with about 3 different groups during the 2 days we were on the Rocks, and had time to get better acquainted with folks that we just knew in passing while they registered for past C4C events. All in all, I think everyone was glad that they cautiously attended and were all excited to see what next year's event brings. And I promise that if we get this pandemic under control, we will do everything in our power to see that 2021 Crawl 4 Christ will be something special and will be a EVENT TO REMEMBER.

In the meantime, BE SAFE AND STAY WELL!!!
God Bless You and Yours
David & Judy Austin