By Jon Maib
When it comes to Jeep tops, the vinyl windows are probably the hardest to care for. One thing I've noticed on our Bestop NX Glide with it's fast back style window, is it tends to get really dirty and takes a lot of sun abuse due to it's angle. Our rear window has become almost impossible to see through, even after a good washing.

There are several companies that make products to properly clean Jeep windows, including Bestop themselves (Product can be found HERE). But I recently came across one of those sponsored ads on Facebook for RaggTopp cleaner. I thought it was time to check out the brand as my rear window was getting pretty bad

For around $30, you can get an entier kit with cleaner and protectant along with all the rags you need to get the job done and I thought that was a pretty good deal as I didn't need to order any specialty cloths. I am weary about ordering anything from Facebook as I've had some orders go south, but figured for $30, it was worth the risk. To my surprise, my box of supplies came about a week later. You can actually find this product in many places, including amazon, so just do a search for RaggTopp cleaner and you'll find it. Or just go HERE.

The cleaner does a good job of getting the debres off window and the protectant gives the window a nice slick feel. For me, this took a lot of elbow grease to get the window to an acceptable level of clean and clear, but still wasnt perfect. I'm sure more work on it will provide better results, but my arm was tired and figured I'll just revisit later on.

Over all, this cleaner did a decent job of getting my rear window cleaned up. It's not perfect, but I can actually see out if it now. I would recommend this kit as it fits almost every budget and comes with EVERYTHING you need to get those windows cleaned up. Don't be like me though and wait until the window is really bad, because it may not come back to perfect and will take a ton of extra work. So be sure to clean your windows on a regular basis and with the RaggTopp protectant, you're windows will be clear longer!