By Jon Maib
One of the most anticipated products to come out of the 2016 SEMA show in Las Vegas was Bestop's new Trektop NX Glide. Bestop presented a stylish and innovative, fastback style soft top with a new folding frame, the first of its kind, allowing it to function like a convertible top. The NX Glide presented two fabrics, Black Diamond and Black Twill, window panels, a simplified bow system, and easier no-drill installation. And the biggest improvement - No zippers!

Let's be real. Who hasn't fought with their soft top's zippers every time they made a change? After owning multiple soft tops, the zipper was the most time-consuming, frustrating part of removing or putting on the top, especially in colder temperatures. This makes the zipper -free feature of this NX Glide a soft top game changer.

After seeing Bestop's display at SEMA, I knew I had to have one for our Project Vulture. Bestop announced their product would be available Spring of 2017.

I impatiently waited four months for the top to be released, and finally our Bestop Trektop NX Glide in Black Twill was dropped off by my favorite mail fairy ahead of schedule. The NX Glide came nicely packaged and included everything needed to install it. Along with the soft top, the header bar, door surrounds and rear window channel were also included. The installation of the top was easy, straight forward, and as promised - no drill needed. The instructions were simple to follow and could easily be completed by one person. The installation time of the NX Glide was estimated at three to four hours, but I was able to fully install in approximately two hours. The only part of the installation that was a slight challenge was installing the rear window. I determined any difficulty was most likely due to the top being new and once stretched would loosen up.

The Bestop Trektop NX Glide has not disappointed. The thickness and high quality of the fabric has reduced the majority of the wind noise that I have experienced with other tops. The tinted side and rear windows slide on and off the rubberized rails with ease and are attached on the sides and bottom through a series of channels. Where there once was a zipper, now it glides!

The Pros:
- 100% zipper-less installation
- High quality Black Diamond and Black Twill fabrics available
- Reduced wind noise
- Zipper storage pockets above driver and passenger
- Sun-rider capability
- Fully retractable and bikini-top features
- Additional head room
- The smell (That's right, smells better than a new car!)
- Limited lifetime warranty for Black Twill Fabric (5yr warranty for Black Diamond)

The Cons:
- During hotter days, the rubber channels become more pliable causing window to pop off the track during install, reducing the ease in which the window slides back in. I expect in cooler months removal and replacement of windows will be a breeze

I am in love with the Bestop Trektop NX Glide and am extremely impressed with the quality and ease of use. The absolute best part of the new NX Glide - It makes Project Vulture look awesome!