By Matthew Anderson
Camping, taking a quick nap during lunch, or even a week-long overlanding trip, the JKloud hammock for the Jeep JKU has you covered. The hammock works in many different configurations and can be installed full length, with seats up or down, or even between the freedom panels. The choice is up to you.

This hammock can be installed with the top on or off. Foldable and hangs from any of the 16 Grommets. During testing we forgot one our main aluminum roll bar clamps but that was still no problem. We just tied it to the roof rack and it worked even better and provided maximum payload capacity underneath.

This hammock does it all, it can be used as a heavy duty hammock, a sunshade or even a cargo cover! Ditch the straps and use the supplied bungee balls and you have a sunshade. Relocate and adjust the straps and you have a cargo cover.

Bungee balls when not in use can be used for securing gear as well around the back roll bar area or anywhere else you want to secure your gear.

What is all included in the kit:
- Hammock - Length 45" x 60"
- Anodized and Teflon Coated Aluminum Roll Bar Clamps
- 4 Fully Adjustable Straps
- 6 Carabiners
- 16 Bungee Balls

Want to know more about JKLOUD (Pronounced Jay Cloud)