By Jon Maib
Do you ever get tired of opening your hood and either laying it all the way back against the windshield which could end up denting your hood if you allow it to hit too hard or sit and struggle getting the little hood hood prop in the appropriate hole? Well, our friends over at Team Tech Off Road have the solution you need with their hood struts.

Our buddy Matt from a local club (Yet Another Jeep Club) hit us up and asked if we would be interested in helping install and review these hood struts on his Jeep Rubicon JKU. We love reviewing the simple products that fix issues we all have to deal with, so naturally we said yes. We took a break from our latest project build and spend about 30 min installing these simple hood struts. These are a great add if you need to get into your engine bay for your onboard air, adding oil, or checking any other fluids. These struts make it easy to open your hood and you no longer have to fiddle with the hood prop or worry about denting your hood by laying it back on the windshield.

Install of these struts is a simple process and you will only need a drill and a couple of wrenches. You first need to locate the proper spot to drill on the upper fender area just in front of the cowl. We measured about a half inch in and an half inch down and made a mark. Took our drill and drilled out a hole for the lower strut to connect to and then attached the strut.

After installing the lower ball and strut, we then determined where Matt wanted to have the hood at the 'open' position. The great thing here is that you can really place it almost anywhere you want. Matt wanted a bit of a higher than stock position and we were able to set it there and drill the upper connector into the hood and attach the mount.

Completing the driver side, we moved over to the passenger side and copied the drivers side. The whole process took us about 30 min or so, of course we had to get pics and there was a little hazing back and forth, so probably could have done it quicker, but it's always fun giving good friends a hard time about stuff!

This is a great little product and should be a standard option for every Jeep. So be sure to pick yours up today!

Hood Strut Link

Special thanks to Matthew Kess
Yet Another Jeep Club