The power of social sharing has reached (XT) with their newest on-site feature: The Jeep Wrangler Photo Build Hub. This brand-new section of XT's site encourages users to find inspiration through a searchable feed of Wrangler photos, based on their Wrangler's generation and color, to see what similar Jeeps look like with parts and accessories from XT's catalog.

Once users have selected their Wrangler's year, color, sub-model, and engine, the Wrangler Photo Hub page will automatically display a sortable feed of similarly modded Wranglers. Further refinement of this feed can be toggled by dropdown menus to display Wranglers with only certain parts categories or brands available from XT.

In addition to the dedicated Jeep Wrangler Photo Build hub page, product pages on XT's website will also offer this feature allowing users easy access to Wrangler build images aligning with their search preferences.
View it here:

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