By Jon Maib
If you look back to the intro of Project 'Oh Deer', you'll read that one of the reasons I like the CJ7 is because it is the perfect blend of comfort and ruggedness. Part of that comfort comes from the everyday things we need, like music, yes, I said we need music. While I do enjoy the sound of the wind whipping by and the tires roaring down the road, for me, background music makes it all that more enjoyable.
In my attempt to keep the CJ7 somewhat original, I wanted to find a vintage style radio that would work, however, the previous owner of this vehicle had cut the dash to fit a newer single DIN stereo ensuring that putting a stock stereo back in was impossible without replacing the entire dash.

The hunt for the right radio began. There are actually several modern vintage looking Jeep CJ7 radios you can buy, but after all my research, I ended on the Retrosound Hermosa M2. You will find mixed emotions on the Retrosound radio online, but I felt that the good outweighed the bad and pulled the trigger to get one. I also included a pair of their 5.25" standard stereo speakers in my purchase.
How did we get past the single DIN cut out? Check out our install video and you will see why we chose Retrosound:

Even having to go through the pain of shipping the radio back to Retrosound, I am still impressed with the versatility of this radio and the speakers sound great for their price. The stereo is fairly simple to use, automatically connects to my cell phone and begins playing my Pandora account without even having to get my phone out of my pocket (when my Bluetooth is on and Pandora already open). If you are looking for a classic style radio that has all the modern amenities, check out the line of radios, faceplates and buttons Retrosound carries.

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