By Matthew Anderson
If someone asks you to take a seat you usually will out of respect or just because it's nice to relax once in a while. With the portable chair you could take this on your next trip and take a seat. Whether it's an off-road, fishing, or any other trip that you plan to take.

This is one of our most tested products that we have reviewed for C4x4 Magazine. This has been used in many different environments including all 4 seasons.

CLIQ Chair is a lightweight, comfortable chair that folds down to the size that fits under your backseat or trunk. It sets up instantly and has no separate parts to keep track of.

Easy to clean, aluminum construction, and something we take with us everywhere you go using the 2-chair bag. One chair fit great in a backpack if you're doing a little hiking. This also fits underneath the Tailgater Tire Tables if you have one of those.

Key Features:
Stable up to 300 LBS
Set Up in Seconds
10" off the ground
Weighs 3.65 LBS
Contour Design | Telescoping Arms | One Button Mechanism

This is a premium product that has a 1 year warranty. We have been using the chairs for over a year and the only issue we have had is that one of the chairs' logos has almost rubbed off. That is probably because we have sat in it for hours at a time in hot weather as well as in the lakes. The Cliq Chair offers a sturdy frame, using high-quality materials that make the chair feel substantial and is comfortable for long periods of time. The seat uses a contoured canopy design and is lightweight versus other camping chairs.

The CLIQ Chair has a relatively low height and a design which helps improve stability. Sometimes the biggest, bulky cheap chairs are not always the proper solution. Will let you decide.

Care and cleaning instructions to keep your chair in good working order.
Remove dirt from the canopy fabric or legs, wipe down with a damp cloth. If the fabric is stained, remove the canopy and pop it in the washing machine on cold, then line dry.

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