By David Austin
I am sure that most are familiar with the song and now movie "I CAN ONLY IMAGINE" by MERCY ME and Bart Millard. This phrase is what strikes me as I ponder what God has in store for us at UCORA and C4X4 as we move forward with our annual Crawl 4 Christ event.

From that first event that was organized back in 2008, it seems that Satan fought hard to keep us from getting the event off the ground. If memory serves me correctly, we had around 100 folks committed to attend that first year and then it seemed to all fall apart. Fuel prices went to over $4.00 a gallon, massive flooding broke out in and along the Mississippi and Missouri rivers causing a clubs to have to cancel in order to help with the flooding around their homes and several of our organizers were forced to cancel due to personal or financial issues. We felt Satan fighting the Crawl 4 Christ from every angles it seemed. God made it possible for a core group of family, current friends and some new friends that would bond for a life time, pulled together and made our first event happen.

We did not have a 100 rigs that first year, but we did have 23 show up to enjoy a great time of fellowship, wheelin' and the start of something that only God knows what the limits are.
We have just finished up our 11th year of Crawl 4 Christ. It has been held in several locations over the years and we have seen it touch many lives. For many, this is their only event that they attend each year and the whole family looks forward to it. We have had struggles, had our share of highs and a few lows, but I feel that God has blessed us with a strong leadership team. This year, we witnessed vendors attending the event and even displaying their products, and next year we hope to see more many more. We had several folks get baptized at the camp pool and our ministries not only reached several states, but this year, we had the opportunity to touch ministries in India with our hearts and our funds. We had our largest number of registered vehicles and attendees this year, so our growth continues.

So let me echo my thoughts, "I CAN ONLY IMAGINE" what God has in mind for this event and we pray that he will continue to use us as tools to do his works. I encourage you and your groups to join in and see just where God is going to take us. God does not need us or our efforts, but he allows us to be part of His ultimate plan on what to do with HIS event. Come get involved with our upcoming events or maybe join us and start working on holding an event in your area. We will be glad to help in any way we can.

See You in 2019

God Bless You and Yours