By Jon Maib
If you spend any time with me, you will learn that I have a big opinion on 'rock lights'. In fact, I've been having some fun banter on a couple of our local Jeep Facebook groups with the difference between 'rock lights' and 'underglow'. I grew up in the era of off-roading where you went to the local auto parts or tractor supply store and grabbed some $10-$15 tractor lights and installed them in all 4 corner of your rig. They were 12v and easily connected to a single switch in the cab of your rig. Simple, cheap and effective.

In the late 80's, early 90's, the Honda guys began the movement of putting 'underglow' (colored lights) mounted underneath their cars. At the time, Neon was mainly used to give the 'underglow' effect and because the tubes were generally made of glass, these quickly became illegal to run on the road. People still had them, just kept them turned off when driving and then only used them for car shows/meets.

While LED lights were invented back in the 60's, they didn't really become popular as a replacement light source until the 2000's. With LED 3.0 technology, companies could now put together LED light systems that were brighter, smaller and cheaper than any 12v tractor light or neon light you could find. So naturally, we began to see the 2 become one; all the color choices you could want under any vehicle as 'rock lights' or 'underglow'.

Somewhere in time, either the Honda guys grew up and started buying Jeeps or Jeepers just wanted to be like the Honda guys. A red/green/blue 'underglow' light isn't really going to work that well offroad in my opinion. Yes, it will light up the stuff under you and provide something better than nothing, but if you just did white, there would be no visual issues. What bothers me even more, are those Jeeps driving around with their 'underglow' on while going through the drive through at Starbucks. That's officially 'underglow' and belongs on lowered cars, not a Jeep because at this point, they are no longer 'rock lights'. Maybe I'm just old school on this subject. Rock lights should be white and only used when needed – offroad; at night! If you don't have white rock lights, you have 'underglow'.

Before you go and get all upset with me, this is just my opinion and I believe that you should do whatever you like to your Jeep, because, it's your Jeep and you like it. I don't even have rock lights on any of the 4 Jeeps I own, so that should show you how much I really invest in this subject, but just know, if we are friends and you have colored lights under your rig, I'm gonna give you a little bit of a hard time, but I promise, it's done out of love.

So let me sum this up like this, my definitions are as follows: