By Jon Maib
The year was 1999, myself and the leader of the off-road group 4 Wheelers 4 Christ, John Buell sat down together and began discussing the possibility of creating an 'online' magazine that would allow us to do product reviews, document our wheeling adventures and share events while having the backbone of Christian values.

20 years ago, it all began with the logo design. How do you advertise as a Christian page without giving people the stereotypical idea of Christians? We didn't want to hide who we were but also didn't want people not coming to the site because it said the word Christian.

That is how we came up with C4x4, we are the Christian 4x4, but we are here for everyone. Paul speaking to the Corinthians said in chapter 10:32-33: "Do not offend Jews or Greeks or even the church of God; just as I please everyone in all things [as much as possible adapting myself to the interests of others], not seeking my own benefit but that of the many, so that they will be open to the message of salvation and may be saved." And that was our goal, allow people to be open to the message through common interests.

We wanted the site to look like a magazine when you hit the page and give you the ability to click on the individual stories from the cover. Getting an online magazine started during those years was a bit more difficult as we didn't have the ease of sharing everything via social media or adding hashtags. Getting our name out there was done the hard way; by making calls, going to many events and showing everyone we had something different, something FREE. We didn't want our readers to have to pay to view our content, allowing us to gain a larger following and help us meet our mission.

C4x4 is not a paid job, we all have to work full time jobs to support our families and our off-road habits. In 2004, my job wanted to move me to either Arizona or Texas from California. After contemplating the move, I decided that Texas seemed more appealing and then had to tell the C4x4 team I was moving. Long story short, I came to find out that our then Editor John Buell was actually moving to Texas as well around the same time. This really allowed us to expand our magazine coverage as John and I would be able to cover Texas while our many contributors were still in California. With the move to Texas, John and I soon met up with our now current Editor, David Austin and his family to get a handle on wheeling in the Texas / Oklahoma areas. We were now able to cover even more for

As life happens, things began to change for C4x4 around 2010. I, as the web editor, decided to step down and concentrate on other areas of my life, shortly thereafter, editor John Buell left and instead of letting die, David Austin and his family took over the reins of the magazine. David enlisted many to help him keep C4x4 alive while continuing with our original mission. He and his family did a great job and has continued to be a blessing to!

In 2015, things in my life had turned around and I actually took my Jeep off-road for the first time in probably 3-4 years. I forgot how much fun wheeling was and decided to reconnect myself with David and the magazine. I asked David if I could get back involved and help spruce everything up and begin to write articles again. Like the father of the Prodigal Son, he welcomed me back with open arms and I can't thank him enough for that. The last 4 years have been a blessing building C4x4 up as well as bringing in some new guys to help us keep the pages fresh with new builds, trail reports and product reviews.

We want to thank everyone for helping us reach 20 years of online presence. Without our readers, sponsors and families, we wouldn't be where we are. Big shout out to our current site sponsors, Crawlher, who have been helping us keep our site online; to the team at Skyjacker who have been a huge supporter of our project builds and the Crawl 4 Christ and especially to our new off-road journalist, Matthew Anderson and Steve Garrett. We couldn't do it without all of you, so THANK YOU!

Our mission is to share our adventures in the off-road community as well as share our lives and our faith. If you are here and are open to hearing more about why we do this, be sure and check out our section called "Don't Get Lost".

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