Guest written by Brian Letendre
Have you ever heard of the Christian Off Road Association? Not the United Christian Off-Road Association (UCORA), but the Christian Off Road Association; CORA? CORA is a group of clubs with many chapters around the midwest (so far) and they continue to grow. Unlike UCORA, this group has local chapters and local events they host. This past New Year's, January 1st was not only the celebration of a new year, but the launch of a new chapter for CORA! I spoke with John Detjen, the chapters creator to hear his passion behind this new chapter:

"I [John] have been watching this club [CORA] online for 5 years and have wanted to start our own chapter that whole time, but God was working on me through other ministries like celebrate recovery which gave me sobriety and freedom from many problems in my life. Celebrate Recovery also gave me a lot of training on how to help others and listen to their struggles. Over the years I've reached out a few times to the other chapters of CORA about starting another chapter, but it wasn't till I met Moose, the president of the Kansas City chapter, that it actually started happening. We went on the fall trip to SMORR [Southern Missouri Off Road Ranch) where we met so many new people and they all treated us like family, it was amazing. On new years day we launched the club with a trail ride at my dad's private property in Troy, MO. It might of been -6°, but that didn't stop us from having a great time. Then we followed up at another members home where we had a family potluck followed by devotional and prayer. It was a great kickoff event for our new group. We have a steady increase in membership and we can be found on Facebook at Christian Off Road Association STL."

As the President and co-founder of United Christian Off-Road Association, we love to hear about new clubs and more people reaching out to their community showing the love of Christ through off-roading. Thanks John for your passion, and we look forward to meeting you on the trails in the very near future.