By Jon Maib
As we step into a new year; a new decade in fact, most people begin to think about what they can do better this new year. Resolutions begin, whether it be a new diet, exercising more, reading the bible or just being better. Sadly, most of us start these things and as the year continues and life happens, those resolutions quickly get lost and we slip back to our old ways.
That pretty much sums up some of my resolutions. My resolutions don't necessarily look to improving myself, but finishing projects that I've started or am looking to start. A great example of this is the L134 engine I have sitting in my garage that I was going to rebuild for my 1948 CJ2a. Several years ago, ok, 5 years ago, I resolved that I was going to get that engine rebuilt and in the Willys. Like all resolutions, it started well as I completely broke down the engine and then, that is where it stopped. The engine has sat on an engine stand in the corner of the garage since, not even close to finished. I also have a half top that I found for the CJ2a and it's in the same status as the engine, torn apart and sitting in the corner of the garage.

Here I am, a new year, and a new project. I currently have our project 'Oh Deer' torn apart so I can begin doing body work. It started off well and I have progressed through the driver's fender and the hood (which still needs a little work) and have stripped the passenger fender off and began working on it. That is where it sits now as life has already begun to happen and the desire of spending hours and hours sanding have lost their luster. Before the year has even really started, my resolution to get this Jeep painted and back on the road has already began to fade. Part of my problem is I'm the kind of guy that can't wait to see the final product and I hate waiting to get there. In the past, I have often rushed things to see the finished product and end up really upset with myself for rushing. I've had to step away because I'm ready to start skipping steps to see the final product, and I don't want to let that happen again.

That is my resolution this year. I want to understand that it is ok to step away from a project instead of rushing to get it done. I want the CJ7 done right and to look great when I'm done, and hopefully done this year! There is a great verse that I think we should commit to memory this year as we work through our resolutions:

Galations 6:9 – Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

This verse can be applied to almost any resolution for this year. So let's tackle our resolutions this year and not become weary, because we will reap the harvest in the end. I guess it's now time to get back to that fender, happy New Year!