By David Austin

Since you are reading this, you have probably been out on the trails or hope to soon be out there. While you are out on those trails, you probably have wondered what is over the next hill or around the next corner. Perhaps you are just wondering what the next event is you might attend?

Well I am here to tell you exactly what great event is just around the corner that should be on your calendar as the next event you will attend. Come join us and attend the 2018 Crawl 4 Christ in Disney, Ok., July 6th – 8th.

This event is held at the home of Green Country Christian Camp which happens to be surrounded by some of the best rock crawlin and trails in the mid-west. The Crawl 4 Christ has been held in several locations over the years, but has been in Disney for the last couple because this location has so much to offer every type of wheeler. And being a family friendly off-road event, this location allows us to provide more for your family than most other locations can provide.

Along with all the great wheeling to participate in, there will be a meet and greet with a free cook out and activities for the whole family. Other weekend activities include swimming, a waterslide, inflatables and many other games. Saturday afternoon there will be a family picnic with some added surprises to come! Later Saturday evening, there will be a group meal (not covered by registration - usually around $5 per person) is available at the camp, some entertainment and then our HUGE raffle. As part of our raffle, we ensure that every child wins something so they don't feel left out!

The money that is collected from the raffle goes to help other ministries throughout the year as well as covers some of the expenses of the event. This past year, our ministry has reached out and helped 6 others ministries or charities in other states as well as overseas. It is our desire to show the love of Christ through our outreach and we continue to search for other ways to help people. (You can see the ministries/charities that have been helped, HERE)

So mark that calendar to join and UCORA at the Crawl 4 Christ and we will see you at Disney!