By David Austin
As I am sure that most of you are aware, the vast majority of 4x4 vehicles spend most of their lives running back and forth to work, the store, soccer games, ect. and never see any off road action of any kind. In most cases they were just purchased for a vehicle that maintains its resale value, just for the looks or maybe so when the snow does fall, they can make it to the store for a loaf of bread and gallon of milk.

Sometimes, certain types of vehicle are purchased so they can be part of a certain group or part of certain activities and it becomes a way of life but, the vehicle still fails to enjoy the true off-road life.

People hear of stories of breakage and vehicle damage and are not interested in causing damage to their vehicle that they love or spent lots of money on. This is all fine and I have no issues with any of these points of view. I mean, they are paying for their rig so they should use it however they want to.

I really believe that many 4x4 owners would extend the pride of ownership if they would just find out a little more about what is available in the off-road world and investigate the whole picture.

There are many activities that they could seek out to start at an entry level activity like; mild trail runs - involving gravel and dirt roads and just go out with others that may have more experience.

Do a little research about how to prepare for an event. A few to make sure you have a good and safe trip would be:

1. Full tank of gas
2. Tow rope
3. A way to re-inflate tires
4. Spare tire
5. Cell phone / cb radio
6. First aid kit
7. Water
8. Basic tool kit

For some, this may be what fits them best and they are happy with these activities and tend to remain at this level, some may chose to move on into sand, mud, rocks ect. but, education and building experience is really the only way to progress.

This is where 4x4 groups and club become really valuable as they can help you learn as you progress. Even some off-road shops can help with this as they tend to put their customer interest ahead of sales.

The types of off-road activities and levels are limitless but, you will need to find what you are comfortable with. If anyone is thinking about moving to the next level of off-roading, just check out what is available and feel free to contact us here at and we will be glad to point you in the right direction.