By Jon Maib
I like to keep busy, if I have any down time, I tend to get restless. Therefore, I end up taking on more projects than I can keep up with. My project CJ7, 'Oh Deer' is ready to begin body work which means beginning to pull parts off, sanding, cleaning, priming and then painting. One of the things I struggle with there is that then I wont be able to drive it and I have really enjoy driving it! My '97 TJ needs to have the engine taken apart so I can replace the freeze plugs that have begun leaking due to rust, I even have a cool digital dash that needs to be put in as well. My 'Vulture' project has plenty of maintenance that needs to be tackled and I have a ORO hood hop that still needs to be installed and an article written on it. I guess with many Jeeps comes many projects, but it just seems to get overwhelming sometimes.

On top of Jeep projects I need to do, I have the honey-do's around the house. My wife wanted me to tackle our front planter bed and remove the overgrown weeds and make it look nice. Not sure where to start on the long list of Jeep projects in the garage, I gave in and spent a week or so in the blazing hot Texas sun re-doing the front flower beds and those Jeep projects went by the wayside.

If Jeep projects and honey-do's aren't enough, I have kids to cart around to all their school / work activities during the week. And to top off my already busy weeks, I have even begun volunteering my Sunday 'extra' time to our church Cafe; helping a buddy run it ever Sunday morning. Let's not forget running C4x4, these pages don't publish themselves! Perhaps at my attempt to ensure I am not sitting idle, I've taken on a bit too much and it can seem stressful at times.

Do you feel this way too? Like you have taken on way too much? We tend to take on more than we can chew and end up burning ourselves out. In Psalms 46, God reminds us that he is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. In fact, further in Psalms 46 (verse 11), God tells us to "Be still and know that I am God".

Maybe you and I need to take a step back from a few things, slow down, be still and be with God to remove the stress we have built in our lives. No, I have no plans of leaving C4x4 or giving up on the projects I have ahead of me, but maybe I do need to take a closer look at my priorities and let God lead where he wants me.