By David Austin
We hear a lot lately that we need to help save the endangered species before they become extinct. We hear of various types of animals; the fliers, runners, swimmers, crawlers and even those that we don't even know how they move, that need to be saved.

Needing to care for the animals is all good and we do our best to make room on this earth that we share with them. But let's talk a bit about one of the greatest tragedy's that is happening right in front of our eyes.

That's right, I am talking about what is happening to our beloved Jeep.

Just think what the original creators of the Jeep would think now if they could see the JL. Back in the 30's, when they were designing the Jeep for the military, it became a popular vehicle in the motor pool for so many years. It then lead our country's agriculture by doing work on the farm and eventually moved into the Civilian models. Im guessing they would be pretty shocked at the current design.

We saw it coming as they tried to do away with the iconic round headlights and 7 slots when they slapped square headlights onto the YJ model, but the Jeep crowd would not stand for it. "Bring back our Jeep we screamed". Did they heed to our shouts with the TJ and LJ when they brought back the round head lights? All I can say is, they have not dared to try that again.

And then for us Jeep purist, they slapped us in the face again when they decided to put 4 doors on it, groceries in the back and soccer kids in the back seat and named it the all new JKU. And now, after 12 years, we now see the JL Wrangler and rumors of a new pickup model.

That is all said in fun, but let's get serious. It is our duty to help preserve the roots of the Jeeps and from where it came from. We are so proud of our Editor, Jon Maib for his hard work in rescuing his old flatty (Project Rex) and bring it back to life. I too, am involved in rescuing an old custom flatty and a CJ as well. We are putting out the rescue call to all of our readers to find and rescue an endangered species.

It is quite alright for you to go ahead and have that nice new Unlimited JKU or JLU. I have no problem with enjoying the frills and thrills that the newer models have to offer, but let's ensure we don't forget about Jeep's roots and allowing them to become extinct. Adopt an oldie and put it back on the road!

Thanks and God Bless