By: Jon Maib
If you follow this e-mag at all, you'll have noticed there has not been a lot going on. Like other companies in the off-road world, we are short staffed and with the increased cost of living, it's hard to order new parts or head off to some cool trail to do an article. The other thing I have noticed is people tend to not want to read something that is longer than a sentence, so if you are still here reading, you're awesome!

A few months ago, a buddy of mine called me up and said he had trailer space for my Jeep if I wanted to go to Hot Springs, AR with him and we could even share a cabin. I thought that this would be perfect, save me some money and I get to go wheeling. I helped pay my share of gas for the tow rig and half the cabin fee. Then there was additional gas for my Jeep, whatever it cost to use the park and of course, food. A four-day weekend trip to go wheeling ended up costing me over $500. Not sure about you, but I can't afford to do that every few weeks, especially while paying college tuition and lodging for my kids.

It makes running this "not for profit" magazine a little difficult. We are down to 2 staff writers, me and Matthew Anderson, who himself is running into similar life bumps and finding it difficult to have material for articles. This doesn't mean we are shutting down the magazine, however, there may be times where we go a while without new material. I always recommend people go back to some of our older stuff because we have been doing this for a LONG time and have a lot of information on the pages of this website.

Past Articles

In fact, next year will mark 25 years of C4x4! If things work out, we may try and plan something in the middle of the country for anyone that wants to join, so be sure to follow our Facebook or Instagram page so you can see the announcement if it happens.

First cover from 1999

If you made it this far without skipping any of the paragraphs above, thanks for being a part of C4x4, we appreciate people that take the time and read to see what is going on. It's like wheeling, take it slow and just enjoy what you're doing.

I would like to pause and take a second to thank all the staff at Skyjacker, especially Lonnie McCurry and Larry Conville. Skyjacker has been a supporter of since the beginning and continues to support us today. Check out the articles we have on Skyjacker products and be sure to check out their website at