By David Austin
Sometimes you just can't wait for warm weather to go wheeling. Such is the story of our New Years run that we sometimes hold called 'Tour De Sober'. When the temperatures are below freezing, it can really become uncomfortable when you have an open buggy.

A few months ago I had an overheating issue with the engine of our C4X4 buggy and turned to Maradyne to help me take care of that issue. It was solved with the help of a Maradyne Marc 1 electrical fan. So, who else would I look to when I want to add some heat to the interior to help take a little of the chill out of the passengers. I just want some heat, any heat in fact, to come up from the floor board and around my feet.

Maradyne sent me some pictures and information of the different heaters that they carry. After looking the products over, I decided that the Heat 5000 series would be the best fit. It provided the right mounting studs and hose connections at the rear to fit in the buggy and was small enough that I could mount to the firewall.

The heater is made with a 22 ga. steel case and has a multiple speed fan. They sent me the optional installation kit that provided all the hoses, valve, clamps, electrical switches and wire. You can also get a defroster kit or louver kit but, I didn't think it would need it since I don't have a windshield.

The fan comes with 3 louvers, one on each size and then one on the front that allows you to direct the heat in the direction that you want.

Maradyne provides you with a template that you simply tape to the firewall to mark the installation holes. This made it quite easy to see where to start the drilling. Now, my firewall is a heavy gauge steel and makes for a very tight area to work around in. So I did what any loving husband would do, I put my small wife down in the floor board and handed her the drill! After the 3 - 3/8" holes and 2- 1" holes were drilled, we moved the heater into place and place the locking nuts on the 3 mounting bolts. We then routed the heater hose, mounted the shut off valve and hooked up the hoses to the heater.

Next I drilled one more hole in the dash to mount the 3 speed fan switch. We ran the provided wires and hooked one wire to a fused power source and turned the fan on to test it. This thing really moves some air around the interior of the buggy!

Now with the temperature being 80 degrees, the desire for a lot of heat was not too high, but with all systems checking out, we are now ready for the next cold spell to get the C4x4 buggy out and bust through some ice puddles.

This mini spaced heater is so versatile, it could be used for almost any type of vehicle. I would think the rat rod guys would be going crazy over these as well as the any kind of custom rod. Shucks, just about any vehicle that is in need of some heat. This heater is perfect for providing some heat without tearing deep into the dash or any other components of the vehicle.

Maradyne has a real winner here with this heater!