By Jon Maib
When it comes to the Unlimited Off Road Show, it has been personally one of my favorite events. It has been one of the largest events to hit Texas since I've lived here. Each year it seems to get better and better and the teams that put the event on are so awesome. I look forward to it every year. This year however, there was a change in the venue. Me, like most, were caught completely off gaurd as this event has been held at the Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth, TX for the last several years. This year, due to some complications with TMS, they decided to move the event to a growing event location for Texans called 'TexPlex" located in Midlothian, TX.

TexPlex is a 1,000-acre development that focuses on enhancing off-road experiences and product engagement. They host a clean, family-friendly environment that allows for unmatched riding, racing, and experiential facilities and they are only located 30-minutes south of Dallas/Fort Worth. This seemed like to be the perfect venue change, however, with the last minute change, mixed with issues with weather over the past couple events, many vendors and customers have dropped with a lot not planned on coming. There were still several big names that remained faithful to the event though, like BFGoodrich, Ford, Skyjacker, Teraflex, Atturo Tires and some local shops like Baertrax and Tribe 16.

This years show was definetly smaller and the lack of rock courses and wheeling area definetly left those that attended wanting a bit more. But over all, I would say that the new location was a much better than TMS for this event, however, weather was still a factor as the winds had kicked up and were blowing dirt and vendor canopies all over. Not something that can be controlled, but tends to add to the disapointment of attendies.

We were not disappointed and enjoyed talking with the many vendors that still came and old friends in the industry. The Texplex had nice restrooms, served some great food and was a beautiful location, so we are hoping that with the small turn out this year, it wont distract from next year and it will be bigger and better. I will let owner Axel Stammel close it out with his post from Facebook:

"Certainly not our best. Certainly not our strongest. Certainly not our fanciest. But most certainly our happiest event in a long time! TexPlex is a wonderful place with lots of fun and opportunity - outstanding staff and killer quality! Wow to these guys!! Texas you gotta get on it - this is growing and blowing your mind. Thank you aaaallll! Vendors visitors - thanks!! It will be better, greater and crazier next year! Texas rocks! Greetings from the old man..." - Axel Stammel