By Matthew Anderson
Have you recently purchased a brand-new Jeep or taking the time to bring back that shine on your older Jeep doors? Do you cringe of the thought of the next scratch on the paint? A set of MEK Magnet Armor will let you rest a little easier.

We have been testing and watching the evolution of this product for the last couple of years and we highly recommend this to brand new Jeep owners. Save yourself a lot of time and effort and place this armor on your Jeep every time you hit the trail. This will prevent 'pin striping' on the sides as sell as well as rock chips and any other type of debris you might find on the trails. Simple to install, remove, clean and store.

If you decide you want to run a stock Jeep or a fully custom one, that is not a problem. A simple pair of sharp scissors is all you need to trim pieces to fit your rig, giving you a truly one of a kind rig, all while still giving you the protection you need. Think of this as a cell phone case, but for your Jeep. It can be removed at any time to be cleaned or switched out for a different design if you decide you want to change up the look and feel of your rig.

Currently, armor is available for TJ, JK, JKU. There are stock patterns as well as matte black. Matte black magnetic armor is an inexpensive version of the heavy duty, high energy hold, rubberized magnet without a design, but still gives a unique look and when your done with your off-road adventure, remove, clean, and store them. When you receive your magnets, they will be on one solid roll in which you will remove easily by pushing out the printed pieces. All are labeled so we recommend focusing on one side at a time.

Coming soon will be armor for the brand-new JT, JL, and JLU. However, when you were in school, you were taught that magnets don't stick to aluminum! MEK Magnet has overcome the aluminum door challenge and have heavy protection, reusable set of armor that is super durable for the off-roaders. For those who like to stay on the road, but want to make a statement, get ready for the MEK Wrap for JT and JL Jeep models. Thes are a less expensive and commitment free wrap option that still provides scratch protection, but are mainly intended for the show event rigs. This is a laminate type product which uses a reusable sticker so you can reapply the wrap multiple times. This is perfect for businesses or Jeeps wanting to really stand out.

Video Magnet Comparison