By Matthew Anderson
Rechargeable batteries have existed for decades but Paleblue has taken that concept and reinvented it. If you have an hour in your day, then you will have a fully recharged battery. That's right, in about an hour you can recharge these batteries and not have to throw them away when they no longer have a charge.

The charging cables are not bulky and can charge four batteries at a time. This is done by simply plugging the cables directly into the battery themselves. We started with the conversion kit which includes several different household size batteries. Before doing this review, we wanted to make sure we had months to test and use out in both cold and hot weather. In testing, we did not notice any swelling or drop in charge of use and these were great for our handheld radios and flashlights that are kept in our rig.

Paleblue is always improving on their products as well. During our testing, a new and improved AAA and AA battery with USB-C connections was released. This allows for even faster charging and ease of use by plugging straight into the batteries itself.

The batteries use a lithium rechargeable technology and charges 5x faster than conventional Ni-MH rechargeable. Each battery has a built-in LED charging indicator, which means you can charge an individual battery or 4 batteries at once. The batteries will flash green while charging and once it is fully charged, the light becomes solid green.

We have placed these batteries in remotes, camera gear, and even our two-decade old JEEP audio player. Not having to worry about running low or forgetting the charger on trips is a thing of the past. Each set of batteries comes with a storage container and with the new USB-C AAA and AA batteries the charging cable will fit inside as well.

Paleblue's goal is to try and save as many disposable batteries they can from going into the landfill, so their new generation of rechargable battery is the way to go. Before you go out and buy non-rechargeable batteries for your devices, take a look at a rechargeable battery that can be used over 1000 times!

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