By Matthew Anderson
Welcome to the most versatile fire pit available. With this firepit, you can connect wirelessly to enjoy some audio, that's right, music with fire ambiance anywhere you want to be. The Ukiah Tailgater II offers an audio system with two 3.5-inch speakers and one subwoofer. Sounds cool right? That is just the beginning of this versatility firepit. There is an option called "Beat to Music" mode that synchronizes the firepit flame to your music that can be turned on or off at any time. The "Reactive Flame Technology" will get those flames dancing!

We have been using this fire pit to keep us warm on the patio, to build a big frosty snowman and on many overlanding adventures.

Ukiah fire pits come with a magnetic top and a cover that can be slipped over the propane tank to help hide it. They also offer accessories that can turn the firepit into a cooking station as well, so you can listen to your tunes, stay warm, and cook all at the same time. Their cast iron skillet top has a smooth side and a grooved side making it a versatile cooking top. It is recommend you season both sides to get the best results.

Here is a list of the key features of the Ukiah Fire Pit.

Beat to Music
Weather Resistant
Battery Powered
Electric Starter
Steel Body
Quick Disconnect Propane Line
Cover for External 20 lbs Propane Tank

There is a popular song called "Jeep Girl" performed by Jeremy Rowe. If you want to see the dancing flames and hear the song, were including our YouTube video below. A big thank you again to Jeremy Rowe for allowing us to use this song in the video.

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Ukiah Tailgater II

Jeep Girl on the Ukiah