By Matthew Anderson
If you own a Jeep then Dirty Acres can custom make a grille insert for you to transform your Jeep into a show stopper. If you decide to work with their designers, they can make something that will be unique to you. Based out of Burleson, Texas, they create each insert as it is ordered, so you can be assured that your insert is made solely with you in mind.

Dirty Acres is a Veteran owned business focused on providing high-quality, handmade, custom Jeep Grille Inserts. That being said, this is where the cool factor comes in. Let them know what model of Jeep you're wanting to install the grille insert on and they will work with you. They have custom made grilles for YJ, JK, JL, and the even the new JT. Have you ever seen a custom insert on a Jeep Patriot? They make those as well.

Dirty Acres is the only company in the insert business that offers a LIFETIME guarantee! Whether you get a rock chip on the road, or take out an entire tree on the trail, return it to them, and they will ship you a new insert!

We have had our grille inserts for nine months and it still looks brand new. No chips, fading or scratches, so there is no reason to return it. Ours was a custom design and working with the team was an easy process and they provided us a rendering of what it would look like before saying "yes, we will take that one please".

If you are running a Mopar or Bolt lock for your hood let them know and they can remove that section for the insert so you don't have to. This was a time saver for us and with it removed we did not damage the custom design and it fit right around the lock.

This grille receives a lot of attention and one question we are asked regularly is, does your engine overheat? Dirty Acres designed an insert that will allow proper airflow to your radiator and engine compartment, all while providing protection to those components and aesthetic appeal. We have had no issues with overheating, but depending on year, model, it could differ slightly.

With over 200+ custom designs send them and e-mail and get your grille today.

For a how to install video, check out this video: