By Jon Maib
For over 25 years, Baja Designs has been designing off-road lights. Originally designing lights for off-road motorcycles to try and make them somewhat street legal at night, they have made their way into every facet of the off-road world from Baja 1000 vehicles to Jeeps, and now the new Ford Bronco. Baja Designs lights are made in San Diego, California with only the best material available making them a great choice for your vehicle. Baja Designs is offering several new lights for the Ford Bronco in their XL linkable mounted lights. The have the linkable roof lights, linkable bumper lights, fog lights and of course A pillar kits. They have several other options as well, but this is a look at their linkable kits.

These are the following kits that were ordered and installed on the 2021 Bronco Sasquatch:

-XL Linkable Roof Mount Light Kit – 8 XL Sport pods that push out 25,200 lumens with their 32 super-bright LEDs and provides a 45 degree of vertical adjustment for each light within the bar.

-XL Linkable Bumper Light Kit – This has 6 Sport pods that push 18,900 lumens with 24 LEDs and comes with everything you need to install on the narrow Bronco bumper. The kit also includes a pre-load support bracket to ensure there will be no movement when off-road.

-S2 Sport Fog Pocket Light Kit – This kit comes with a set of wide cornering fogs as well as a set of spots to help out on the trail even more. The wide lights offer a 42 degree flattened horizontal beam while the spot takes care of everything out in front of you with an 8 degree beam focus.

-A Pillar Light Kit – Finishing out our plethora of lights, these A pillar lights come with LEDs in a spot and wide cornering giving you ample light on the road or trail. These LEDs provide you with 3,150 lumens in a clear light.

Installation of all these lights is pretty straight forward on the Bronco if you are using the Bronco's Upfitter feature. If you are not using the Upfitter, the lights will be installed with a provided toggle switch adding a bit more work that needs to be done. Each of the Baja Designs kits comes with everything needed to install, including all hardware and wiring. Baja Designs made installation pretty easy and it doesn't take a wealth of knowledge to get it installed and with the Bronco's Upfitter, it's even easier to install. Each switch on the Bronco's Upfitter has a different amp rating, so be sure to consult your manual when installing. We installed the roof lights on the highest rated switch and worked our way down in amperage from there. All four light kits were installed with ease and all the wiring was ran and hidden in the grill and engine bay except for the roof lights, that wire runs down the passenger side windshield. I do wish there was a cleaner way to run the wired down the windshield frame, but without drilling, this will have to do.

Without a doubt, these are some serious built light kits that can provide enough light to make the sun jealous. Having all 4 of these kits on this Bronco may be over kill, but you won't miss this Bronco 6 states over!

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