By Jon Maib
I've been sitting on this article for a while now. We have just had other stuff to get out, but now that all event coverage has been cancelled, all off-road parks near us shut down and orders to stay home and practice social distancing, it's time to share this as we don't have a lot going on right now.

It's been a while since this took place, but once the parks open back up, you may want to check this place out! I was invited by the staff over at a local off-road shop called Baertrax in Dallas, TX, to join them on a customer appreciation run up to Green Acres Off-Road park in Clayton Oklahoma. I hadn't been to Clayton in many years, so I was excited to get back up there. The crew had hand selected a group of well built vehicles to see if they could tackle the hills of Clayton. Clayton has made a name for itself to be serious trails for well built buggies, but the guys from Baertrax wanted to see if they could get well built JKU's through the trails.

The line up of rigs were impressive. All the rigs were running 37's and up and locked front and rear. In that invironment, it was well needed. The very first trail had already brought the winches out to get over a large step. The trails at Green Acres are nothing short of difficult and make for a really fun wheeling experience. Our group of rigs were highly challenged that day and we even had one roll over (luckily it was a soft roll), but Ill let the pictures tell the story! Be sure and check out Green Acres Facebook page for additional details and if you're looking for a challeging off-road park, look no further!

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