By Matthew Anderson
The definition of a table is a piece of furniture with a flat top and one or more legs, providing a level surface on which objects may be placed. The TailGater Tire Table or "TTT" for short, has one leg so it's technically a table, but it doesn't always have to use a supporting leg at all. Instead, it can use your vehicles tire as its support. Hopefully your tires are aired up and in good shape, because if they are, then this simple travel table should fit as long as you have a wheel size of 14" or above. Each rigs suspension may vary in height and build, so double check their site and look at the reviews to see if it will fit your rig. We have tested multiple SUV's and even a muscle car and haven't had any issues.

On one of the vehicles we tested, it had a 14" tire and the table fit the wheel opening, however, due to the spring being directly behind the tire with no additional space, the table was unable to fit behind the tire. On the '69 Chevy Camaro we tested the table on, it fit with no issues and we didn't even need the extra support leg as the tire held the load of the table. However, the leg could have been braced against the wheel for added support.

But enough about muscle cars, you want to know how this works on your off-road rig! This table can be used for camping, overlanding, or an extension outside for an RV excursion. The table is stable and level regardless of the ground conditions because you can rotate the table until it is level, even if you are off camber or not quite on level ground out on the trail. This table also frees up your trailer hitch because it does not require one like some of those other tail gate tables because the main support system is your tire. Even if your tire is covered with snow or mud, this portable table only has a few connection points that actually touch the tire. By the time you are ready to put the table away the mud may have dried up or the snow has melted and you're ready to throw the table back in your rig and head out. In our testing, we got to see how it handled both.

As mentioned before, the TailGater has a retractable leg for extra support. Depending the height of your vehicle, it can be extended, retracted, or deployed at an angle and pressed against the bottom of the tire. It is recommend to always deploy the leg for the added support, but if you're just having a cup of coffee for breakfast or checking those important e-mails than you can deploy the table without the leg. This almost looks like a magic trick, but also keeps people from tripping or hitting the leg when walking by the table.

There are also no tools needed for this table. All the parts are included and stored on the table itself, including t-bolts and the tire support bars are all part of the table so you won't lose anything. The t-bolts have thumb screws on the ends to make it easy to adjust or tighten down once installed. Here is a hint for your first deploy: Loosen the t-bolt enough that it will not scratch the arms when deploying. We scratched a lot of the coating off the arms because we did not back off the t-bolts enough during deployment. It will take a few seconds longer to deploy, but it's worth it so you don't have bare steel or scratch up the aluminum on the inside of the table.

The TailGater Tire Table company also offers an optional carrying bag. The small bag can hold two of the smaller tables, and the larger bag can hold one of the large tables. We have a portable Jackery power station that uses a solar panel to recharge and it was able to fit it in the small bags as well. When our tables are not in use, we hung them on our Arc Off Road Jeep door hangers.

The last thing you will want to do after you have set your table up is to place a little reminder on your steering wheel. This is a brand-new addition to their tables and will be included in future orders. This bright green reminder is supposed to go around your steering wheel so you wont drive off with the table still attached to your wheel. There are so many things to remember before packing up and this is a great little reminder to grab your table.

There are three different tables currently to choose from in the TailGater Tire line-up, all with different attributes and sizes:

The Original TailGater Tire Table
Constructed of steel with powder coated black finish
Weighs under 12 lbs
23"W x 29"L x 1.5"
Holds 50lbs

The Large Steel TailGater Tire Table
Constructed of steel with powder coated desert sand (tan) finish
Weighs under 16 lbs
33.5"L x 28"W x 4"
Holds 75lbs

The Aluminum TailGater Tire Table
Constructed of aircraft Grade 6061 aluminum with powder coated silver finish.
Weighs Just 6 lbs
23"W x 29"L x 1.5"
Holds 50lbs