By Matthew Anderson
We all know there are four seasons in the year, sometimes those seasons last longer than others so it could be difficult to have the right gear for camping. When looking at the prices of a true four season tent, the prices can be extremely high and that is just for tent. The ShiftPod however, is not a tent but considered a shelter. Designed for the heat of the desert but works well in the snow as well. It works so well, that these shelters have been used on Mount Everest as a base camp. These four-season shelters are built for comfort and style while being easy to move and quick to set up. The record time for setup is 22 seconds, we keep trying for that record but the closest we have come is just under two minutes.

The shelter utilizes a 12-layer composite fabric with synthetic down thermal insulation and highly reflective UV layers. This fabric reflects light as well as blocks light so you can sleep in on those bright sunny mornings. The layers also retain heat better and can help dampen the outside noise. Since this is not a tent, those silhouettes at night are the thing of the past as now you can have complete privacy.

The ShiftPod MINI has one door, four windows with bug screens, and two vents also with screens. The windows can be rolled down for maximum airflow. The amount of condensation inside the shelter is minimal compared to that of a tent due to the material, structure, and venting inside the ShiftPod. There is also a small power port that can open up to 3.5" if you want to run some electricity inside the tent.

The shelters comes with stainless steel pins, locking tie down guide lines, mini carabiners for quick install. They also come with a reflective rain fly, ear plugs, eye mask, and more. A nice addition to the MINI that we have been testing includes a backpack bag so you can carry it to a remote camp site or even through the airport!

The SHIFTPOD MINI Dimensions
Size Stowed: 8"x8"x40"
Size Stood Up: 72"x72"x56"
Advanced Shelter Systems, the company who created ShiftPod, also gives back and has donated hundreds of shelters since they started this company in 2015. For every 20 shelters sold, they contribute one to a family in need.
A big thank you goes out to Advanced Shelter for sending us a ShiftPod Mini for this review.