AutomotiveTouchup, the nation's leading provider of specialty automotive aerosol spray paint cans, touch up bottles and pens, is also a great source for everything needed to complete any repair. Items like prep solvent, hand glaze, rubbing compound, sandpaper, surface wipes, scuff pads, gloves, auto grade masking tape, gold tack cloths, nitrile gloves, respirators and even a choice of spray guns can be included with the customer's paint order for one-stop-shop convenience.

Their body-shop-in-a-box approach brings all of the necessary products together allowing DIY consumers to make a paint repair with quality similar to that from a body shop. (That is because AutomotiveTouchup's DIY paint uses the same high-quality materials, whether it comes from a spray gun, touch-up pen or aerosol can.)

Each product AutomotiveTouchup offers has been designed to make paint repairs as easy as possible and AutomotiveTouchup components are engineered to perform at the highest level. The AutomotiveTouchup website makes all of the great, high-quality products easily-available and sent directly to the customer's door to complete the repair. In addition to the paint, customers can choose from the many premium supplies AutomotiveTouchup offers such as surface-prep solvents, sanding blocks and even pre-taped masking film with a handy dispenser! Once the project is complete, use the company's rubbing compound and hand glaze to bring the new finish to an award-winning shine.

AutomotiveTouchup uses only the highest quality auto paint and ensures all of the related support products are designed to work together. Repairs of everything from driveway dings to over-all re-finishing can easily be completed by contacting the team at AutomotiveTouchup. Thanks to their resourceful website and staff, exclusive color match guarantee and unrivaled color paint code database, you can rest assured your car will look great when you put your trust in AutomotiveTouchup.

About AutomotiveTouchup

Headquartered in New Orleans, AutomotiveTouchup is a division of Microfinish LLC, which produces coatings for vehicular and industrial equipment repair and refinishing in a state-of-the-art facility. By manufacturing its products to exacting standards, Microfinish has reduced volatile organic compound levels to below Department of Environmental Quality regulations and industry standards. For more information call 1.888.710.5192 or visit or Follow on Facebook:, Twitter: @atu_microfinish or Instagram: @automotivetouchup.