New Features:
-Black Diamond® PTFE coating reduces fuel temperature up to 6% and resists corrosion.
-Cooler fuel lowers the potential for vapor lock.
-Newly designed throttle lever with integrated Ford A/T kickdown, GM 700R4 mounting holes, and the ability to mount brackets for Chrysler vehicles.

Proform continues to evolve four-barrel carburetors. The company's innovations began in 1998 when Proform introduced high-flow main bodies. Originally made from traditional zinc, and now of lightweight die-cast aluminum, these main bodies gave enthusiasts the ability to affordably add 25 to 50 horsepower in about 30 minutes. A few years later, Proform unveiled its Race Series, and shortly thereafter Street Series lines of high-value complete carburetors in addition to individual high-performance components and specialized tuning tools.

Proform's latest upgrade is adding Black Diamond coating to its carburetors' main bodies and fuel bowls. This non-stick coating has PTFE (popularly known as Teflon®), which improves heat-dissipation and durably combats dirt, oil, and rust. Black Diamond reduces fuel temperature by as much as six percent. In addition to being denser for improved combustion, cooler fuel is less likely to vapor-lock.

Eight new Black Diamond mechanical secondary applications are currently available. Street Series models are offered in three levels: 650, 750, and 850 cfm. Race Series units -- which delete the air horn, choke tower, and choke control for maximum flow -- come in 650, 750, 850, 950, and 1050 cfm.

All Proform carburetors are hand-assembled in the USA and are individually engine-tested prior to shipping. The primary features for this line of carburetors include:
- High-flow aluminum main bodies
- High-performance down-leg boosters
- Billet throttle baseplates with button-head Torx screws
- Power valve blow-out protection
- Lightweight die-cast aluminum fuel bowls with 3/8-inch inverted flare fuel inlet fittings
- Fuel level sight-glass windows for easy float adjustments
- Changeable idle air bleeds
- Billet metering blocks: no warping or porosity
- Changeable idle feed restrictors and emulsion jets
- Serviceable throttle levers
- Slip-link secondary linkage
- Easy-access secondary idle air flow
- Changeable high-speed bleeds
- Notched secondary floats
- Secondary jet extensions
- Non-stick gaskets

A new feature being launched with the Black Series is a newly designed throttle return spring bracket to accommodate popular Detroit Three applications. Additional carburetor accessories are also available that include air bleed kits, jet kits, needle/seat assemblies, a billet plate that holds up to 22 pairs of jets, phenolic spacers/adapters, a float adjustment tool, and a power valve remover tool. For more information, please contact Proform Parts, 586.774.2500