'The Spike' is a ministry dream that's been floating around in Brian Letendre mind for 10 years or so now and has begun to come to reality. This project was revealed to him through many small events and experiences in his life, but the one that sealed the deal was when his Toyota 4Runner rolled over when side hilling between trails with his family inside. To this day, no one knows how or why the truck rolled at that particular location, but it was by the hand of God that it only rolled one complete revolution. If it had continued to roll, things could have been much worse for he and his family. The 4Runner was trailered home and sat in the garage for nearly 2 years in the hopes it would be stripped apart to become a buggy known as 'The Spike'. But that was not to be, so the 4 Runner was sold and the search for the right chassis began which has led to the build of a custom tubed buggy.

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